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wheel balancing

In order to provide you with a comfortable driving experience, your car’s components work very hard and go through a lot of trouble to satisfy your driving requirements. Although a lot of people know about engine maintenance, exhaust services and tyre efficiency, a majority of customers are still unaware of their car’s wheels and its services. If you maintain a proper maintenance schedule, there are tad bit chances that you know about wheel balancing Sawston.

In case, the term is entirely new to you, we are here for your help. We, at Saw Moco, is an ideal choice for the people of Sawston and nearby areas for getting efficient car services like wheel alignment and balancing at best prices.

What is Wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing is car maintenance procedure that determines any imbalance in your wheels and counters it by correcting the other wheels so all of them have an equal distribution of mass. This process is generally carried out by our experts by putting your tyre on a balancer machine and spinning it at high speeds. Once the tyre spins at the required rate, the machine determines the areas that are lacking behind in terms of weight distribution.

Our experts, at Saw Moco, uses modern-day equipment to facilitate a quick and reliable balancing so you don't have to be troubled again.

However, assuming you to be a considerate owner, you need to acquaint yourself with the reasons that cause your wheels to lose their balance.

Reasons for a car’s wheels to lose balance

Irregular maintenance: A big reason for your car’s wheels to go out of balance is irregular maintenance or misaligned wheels. Misaligned wheels is another concept that comes under the maintenance schedule of your tyres. In case, you neglect the maintenance and continue driving, you are exposing your tyres and wheels to greater damage and in turn, lose balance as well.

Foreign Substances: While driving on the road, your car hits a lot of foreign substances like dust, dirt, gravel or other heavy substances that can puncture your tyre. In case, these substances hit your wheel, it can lead them to lose balance and incur kerb damage as well.

Now that you know about the reasons that affect your wheel’s balance, you should know about its after-effects as well.

Effects of driving a car with unbalanced wheels

  • Skidding over wet and slippery surfaces
  • Inadequate traction and increased braking distances.
  • Decreased fuel economy as the engine takes more stress.
  • Increased risk of punctures and blow-outs.

In case, you are wondering about an efficient solution that can help you in such troubles, look no further! We have just the cure you need to know about.

A one-stop solution to all your wheel related problems.

Our team, at Saw Moco, is trained to assist and provide you with an effective solution regarding all your car-related problems. We are known among our customers for fast and accurate wheel balancing Sawston services for the wheels. If you too are a potential customer, email to us at sawmocoltd@gmail.com and book your appointment today.

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