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Welding is a fabrication technique where two thermoplastics/ metals are joined by heating and then allowed to cool, causing fusion. It is a permanent fabrication that cannot be reversed. This technique comes in handy when treating damages suffered by the vehicle’s structural body. Whether it is corrosion that occurred with time or large accidental damages, welding can put it all back in shape.

Saw Moco provides services for all types and sizes of welding Sawston needs. From spot welding to seam welding, we can do it all.


Curing a spot of corrosion or a region afflicted by accidental damage, through welding has the following advantages:

  1. There is no use of screws, bolts, connecting angles, filler plates etc., so there is no increase in the structure’s weight.
  2. No holes, perforation etc. are required therefore there is no loss of material or reduction in area. Thus, the welded members become capable of bearing more load.
  3. Not just the efficiency but the look of a welded joint is better than the one with rivets.
  4. Because of less labour and material involvement, welding is economical
  5. Whole rigid joints, of any space, can be provided while also changing the structure with ease.
  6. Welding can be done faster than any other process of fabrication.
  7. Welding setup occupies less space and creates less noise in its operation. 


Like all good things, there is a downside to welding as well. Our experts at Saw Moco understand where welding would be beneficial. Below are the scenarios where welding can be disadvantageous:

  1. The fatigue strength of the fused welded joint is lesser than that of parent members, due to inherent brittleness.
  2. Although negligible, whatever labour is involved in this process should be highly-skilled. Electricity is another requirement for welding. 
  3. There can be residual stresses due to the uneven heating and cooling of the member materials. The materials are distorted when they melt and solidify back again.
  4. After the welded joint cools off, the avenues to expand and contract are limited, and the chances of cracks may arise
  5. Defects such as slag inclusion and air pockets can neither be detected nor rectified easily.
  6. It is also tough to detect welding in the first place.


We, at Saw Moco, have experts who know how to handle the equipment and materials involved. We assure to offer the best welding Sawston cars have ever had. For every type of welding, there is an exclusive workstation. You can bring your car in, at any time between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm on weekdays from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

We can also reply to your queries. Write to us at sawmocoltd@gmail.com. We would be grateful if you would share your feedback and help us improve.

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