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Tyres are the basic element of any vehicle that ensures your safety and luxury on the road. No matter, how good your engine performs or how perfect your suspension acts, if your tyres are not appropriate to suit the needs of weather and terrain, you cannot drive efficiently. The tyre industry manufactures tyres for cars, SUVs, crossovers, commercial trucks and vans. All of these vehicles require different tyre specification so they are able to function effectively in diverse terrain and weather conditions.

We, at Saw Moco host an innovative and stupendous collection of commercial tyres for your vans. In case, you use regular tyres while driving your commercial van, you are incorporating a lot of damage. Avoiding such a situation is quite easy, you just need to acquaint yourself with the perks and some models of van tyres.

What are van tyres?

Van tyres are a category of tyres manufactured by the automobile industry. This category tends to focus more on enhancing the performance of your commercial van and lead it to its best potential. Usually, van tyres are made with a reinforced sidewall that provides additional support to your van and its heavyweight. Moreover, their heavy tensile strength allows them to support excessive loads.

Our garage, Saw Moco, is a known provider of van tyres manufactured by various tyre brands like Bridgestone, Continental and Pirelli. If you are still unaware of the perks and some major models of van tyres, allow us to help you solve your queries.

Some of the best models of Van tyres offered at our garage.

Continental ContiVanContact 200

ContiVanContact by Continental is an effective van tyre that is proven ideal to support heavy loads of weight. In case, you use your commercial van to transport loads from one place to other, ContiVanContact will be everything you need. Moreover, it provides optimal braking even in emergencies. This makes it an ideal choice among commercial drivers.

If that was not enough to convince you, give us a chance to list out some wonderful features that come along ContiVanContact 200.

Brilliant features included in ContiVanContact 200

  • Short braking distances even on wet and slippery road surfaces.
  • Optimal handling irrespective of weight-laden on the van.
  • Increased fuel efficiency, all because of its unique compound that reduces rolling resistance.

Pirelli Carrier All Season

Pirelli is a leading tyre manufacturer in the industry and is trusted by people for its powerful performances. Carrier by Pirelli is n innovative tyre made for the modern man. Its innovative design enables it to support your van with adequate traction on snowy, icy and wet roads.

Nevertheless, the journey does not end here. Pirelli Carrier has a long list of features that you should know about.

Some of the best perks that come with Pirelli Carrier All Season

  • Extended mobility and handling because of its advanced profile geometry.
  • Innovative tread design to enable safe handling on snowy and wet roads.
  • 3D sipe technology to enable short braking distances on wet and slippery roads.

Now that you know about some of our best van tyres, why wait any longer? Order yours today by following some simple steps.

Simple steps to order your favourite van tyre from our garage

  1. Enter your vehicle’s registration no, or desired tyre specification
  2. Choose your desired model and add it to the cart.
  3. Input your details like name, contact no and address
  4. Complete the payment procedure and get your tyre delivered at you home.

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