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While a properly maintained car plays a vital role in ensuring excellent driving experience, tyres are no less. A well-maintained set of tyres from a reputed brand is guaranteed to enhance your car’s performance to next-levels. You may already know that the tyre market is full of different brands like Pirelli, Michelin, and Dunlop. Therefore, it becomes quite challenging to make a precise decision because of the diverse features offered by these manufacturers.

Our experts, at Saw Moco, recommend buying a fantastic set of tyres from Dunlop Sawston. If you are unaware of this wonderful brand and the features offered by it, allow us to help you in making Dunlop, your car’s guest.

An overview of Dunlop’s journey in the tyre industry

Founded in England, 1889, Dunlop is now the 6th largest tyre manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Pirelli. Although the brand is now 130 years old, it never fails to satisfy its customers when it comes to durable and effective tyres for car, SUV and crossovers. However, since 2012, Dunlop Tyres has been owned by Continental AG for manufacturing Dunlop’s branded products in Malaysia and Singapore.

Moreover, Dunlop’s tyres are used as original equipment in a variety of premium cars like BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce and Land Rover.

If that’s not satisfactory enough, you’d be delighted to know about some Dunlop tyres Sawston and their features provided by us, at Saw Moco.

Some major Dunlop Tyres offered at our garage:

SP Wintersport 4D

Dunlop manufactures this tyre especially for extreme and chilling temperatures in the winters. Embedded with a self-supporting system, Wintersport 4D comes with the run-flat technology to support your car till 50 miles after sudden punctures. Moreover, this tyre is quite unique from the others because of its bead seat system that enhances the contact between the rim and road for a more precise driving experience.

Moreover, if you are deciding to buy this tyre for your car this season, you should not ignore its out of the world features as well.

Some of the brilliant features of SP Wintersport 4D:

  • A combination of unique tread design with premium quality rubber to provide for a shorter braking distance and efficient gripping on snow-laden roads
  • Directional grooves to help your tyres evacuate water and prevent hydroplaning
  • Light-weight construction to reduce the rolling resistance and fuel consumption as well

Sports MAXX RT

As the name suggests, Sports MAXX RT is a unique tyre made by experts to suit the needs of sports and high-performance vehicles. Embedded with rim protectors, this summer tyre should become your ideal choice if you want to prevent kerb damage. Moreover, Sports MAXX RT is known to provide efficient braking distances, even at high speeds.

Interesting, isn’t it? In case, you want further information regarding the advantages of buying Sports MAXX RT, be our guest.

Exciting advantages of buying Sports MAXX RT:

  • Dynamic gripping capabilities on both dry and wet roads
  • Noise-shield technology to reduce external tyre noises and ensure a pleasant experience
  • Massive outer shoulder block to enhance stability and cornering

If you are seeking these amazing Dunlop Tyres, you are guaranteed to love us, Saw Moco. Just give us a chance by ordering your favourite tyre.

Steps to order your favourite tyre from us:

  1. Enter your car’s registration no. or tyre specification on our tyre finder tool.
  2. Select your favourite tyre by viewing the price and proceeding to checkout.
  3. Simply put your personal details like name, address and phone no.
  4. Finally, make the payment.



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