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Almost a hundred and fifty years have passed since the inception of one of the biggest names in the automotive industry- Continental Tyres- and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Continental has operations in all 6 habitable continents of the world and is recognised as a symbol of quality, reliability, and safety.

The same values have been incorporated in its tyre manufacturing wings as well where the effort always revolves around the control and safety of the ride. Saw Moco brings to you, the latest edition of tyres from Continental Sawston drivers can take home right now. The tempting collection comprises of new inclusions and old favourites, all at the same place and time.

Here are some Continental Tyres that will surely become the talk of the town and climb to the top of everyone’s wishlist.

CrossContact™ RX

German technology at its best, CrossContact™ RX is made for both on-road and off-road performances. It is the latest instalment in Continental’s summer tyres which simply can’t be ignored.

  1. It ensures a comfortable and serene driving experience. The tyre has an innovative tread design and well-configured sipes which help in reducing the noise.
  2. The pattern is also a key player in providing the tyre with a shorter braking distance and safer journey.
  3. CrossContact™ RX has a unique tread pattern that increases traction on snow and ice without compromising dry grip.

ContiWinterContact™ TS 810 Sport

In winters, you need reliability in your car and preparedness for the unanticipated. That’s exactly what TS 810 Sport brings to the table. With its excellent responsiveness and durability, it becomes the best set of tyres to get for the winters.

  • It has stiff shoulder blocks that give these tyres a stabler sidewall strength and excellent control while cornering.
  • The tread design is shaped in the form of bands in the central part. This increases the braking capabilities of your tyres while shortening your braking distance. The design not only makes your ride secure but also gives you better control on the road. 
  • The TS 810 Sport is provided with thicker sipes on the outer edge. These sipes are fitted with spacers and don’t let them shut and allow constant passage of water. Therefore, these tyres are excellent for preventing aquaplaning and wet surfaces.

Vanco™ FourSeason 2

Commercial vans have to bear substantial loads and carry them over larger distance. Moreover, they have to repeat the same process multiple times throughout the year in different seasons. For this purpose, Continental has come up with Vanco™ FourSeason 2 that is specially made for use in vans and commercial trucks. 

  • The tyre is another masterpiece from the German manufacturers with excellent braking and control. Designed with precise computer-aided graphics and a rigid tread pattern, the tyre has an excellent handling display on dry roads.
  • The rubber compound causes minimal wear of the material. This increases the life of the rubber and mileage of the tyre.
  • An outstanding braking is shown by the FourSeasons 2 and makes the ride safe for your van’s shipment. The regular ejection of water ensures grip and enhances traction even on wet roads. Thus, these tyres have amazing braking and traction capabilities.

Saw Moco gives you the best of Continental Sawston has witnessed to date. From Summer tyres to winter, all-season, 4X4 and van tyres, we have it all arrayed beautifully for you to pick. Just drive in any time between 08:30 A.M. to 05:30 P.M. on weekdays and 08:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. on Saturdays. You can also pick your favourites here online. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the Tyre Finder at the top
  2. Enter tyre specifications or Registration Number
  3. Choose your tyre
  4. Enter the details for delivery
  5. Click on the checkout button

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