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To a certain degree, the name of the manufacturer acts a vital metric in measuring the efficiency of a tyre. The influence and authority of the brand does convey a lot about its products. That explains why Bridgestone tyres carry such a heavy demand ratio in the world. Being one of the most established figures in the tyre industry, Bridgestone owns a gigantic customer following to its name. 

It is plainly obvious for anyone buying a set of tyres to slot Bridgestone tyres as a major preference. We, at Saw Moco, took this as an encouragement to enlarge our tyre collection with the necessary addition of tyres originating from Bridgestone. But before we present our wares, allow us to faintly familiarize you with the name Bridgestone.

A Glance at the History of Bridgestone

Bridgestone formally came into existence in 1931 due to the efforts of Shojiro Ishibashi. It was birthed in the lands of Japan. The name Bridgestone actually is an English translation of its founder’s surname - Ishibashi. The dawn of this tyre manufacturer somewhat diluted the dominance of European tyre manufacturers and brought Japan to the global scene in the domain of tyres. Over the course of time, Bridgestone enhanced its influence in the tyre industry through its inventive innovations.

As of the present time, Bridgestone stands as one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the entire globe. During many occasions, it has also managed to rank as the largest tyre manufacturer. This simply establishes Bridgestone as one of the finest figures in the sphere of tyres. 

Bridgestone Tyres at Saw Moco

Now that we have adequately acquainted you with the name Bridgestone, it is time for us to unveil our tyre collection -

Turanza T005 Driveguard

A fine performer from the Turanza series of Bridgestone. It provides exponential grip and handling on wet surfaces. It comes equipped with the Run-Flat Technology which allows it to support your car till 50 miles even after suffering a puncture. Its unique tread pattern allows swift dispersal of water which saves it from slipping on wet surfaces. 

Features - 

  • Comes with Run-Flat Technology that adequately supports the vehicle even after punctures
  • Has a fairly less braking distance
  • Low-rolling resistance provides fuel-efficiency

Potenza S001

The Potenza series of Bridgestone is widely regarded for its sports-level performance. It has high grip shoulder blocks that ensures excellent grip while cornering. Its exceptional tread design allows for a better grip and stability on the road. 

Features - 

  • Supports high-speed performance due to a racing-tyre structure
  • Delivers substantial control and braking on wet surfaces
  • High grip shoulder blocks promises solid grip while cornering

Dueler H/P Sport

Dueler H/P Sport is yet another innovative creation of Bridgestone. It boasts of superior on-road comfort and amazing braking and gripping on wet surfaces. Dueler H/P Sport also has a highly durable and robust structure that extends the overall tyre life by a considerable margin. 

Features -

  • Promises amazing on-road comfort
  • Has a highly durable structure that promises extended tyre life
  • Delivers excellent braking and braking on wet surfaces

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