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It is no less than a fact that car servicing is an indispensable process of keeping your car healthy and running. Car servicing Sawston can be regarded as a medical checkup for a car. At regular intervals, you must get your vehicle serviced to keep it in a functional condition. However, to get your car serviced in the most appropriate way, you must always opt for a garage that is capable of carrying out an effective car service procedure. That’s where we come into the picture.

Who are we? We are Saw Moco, a prominent garage in the UK, known for providing the best products and services revolving around the automotive domain which includes an efficiently rendered car servicing procedure. So, when it comes to taking good care of your car, you can always bank on us, Saw Moco.

But before we start to explain the service model of our garage, first let’s understand a bit more about the concept of car servicing.

What is Car Servicing?

As we said earlier, car service is like a car checkup undertaken at regular intervals. It involves evaluating every aspect of your car like brakes, engine, transmission, and locate any wears, damage or any part that might have sustained. Apart from this, regular cleaning and oil change is also done. 

Benefits of Undertaking routine Car Service 

There are a whole lot of perks that come with servicing your car. Just look below to know about them.

  • It keeps your car’s fuel efficiency in check
  • It helps in identifying any irregularities with any aspect of the car
  • It enhances the overall life of your vehicle
  • It saves the parts of your car from wearing out prematurely
  • It also protects your car from abrupt breakdowns

Car Servicing at Saw Moco

It is time we introduce our car servicing procedure to you. At Saw Moco, we have divided our car servicing process into two parts - 

  1. Interim Service
  2. Full Service

Interim Service

It is a more restricted model of our car service procedure. In this, we exclude certain regions of the car from the servicing process. Under interim service, we provide a general inspection to the interiors and exteriors of your car. We assess the parts under the bonnet like engine and battery. We also examine the wheel alignment of the car. However, a lot of areas like an air conditioner, radiator, mirrors, aren’t covered in the interim service model.

Full Service

As the name suggests, full service covers every aspect of your car. Under full service, each part and area of the car is thoroughly inspected even the areas that are excluded in the interim service model. In full service, we -

  • Give a detailed inspection to the car, especially what lies under the bonnet
  • Check the exhausts, transmission, mirrors, and seatbelts of the car.
  • Change the engine oil 
  • Efficiently clean oil filters, spark plugs, and screen wash
  • Evaluate the fuel efficiency of the car
  • Fill up the necessary fluids 
  • Give a final overall inspection to check for any inconsistencies

This was a brief structure of what we provide in our car service. 

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Did this convince you to get your car serviced at Saw Moco, then you must visit us at Sawston. You can also send us a mail at Our operating hours are from Monday to Friday, between 08:30am to 05:30pm and 08:00 to 12:30am on Saturdays.

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