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puncture repair

Maintaining an efficient and durable car is a very challenging task for a lot of people. However, if you follow adequate maintenance procedures and vehicle servicing, you can increase your car’s durability and performance to the next levels. A lot of car owners tend to focus on brake and exhaust repairing as they are vital parts of a car to drive safely and comfortably. However, if you love your car, you must not forget about your tyre’s health.

At Saw Moco, our team ensures optimum health for your car and its tyres. As you must know, your tyres are the primary point of contact between the road and car, so it incurs a lot of damage. Tyres incur a variety of damage, such as kerb damage and sudden punctures. Our team hosts some of the best mechanics in Sawston that will repair your car’s puncture in just a few minutes.

Nevertheless, before jumping into the world of punctures, you must know about this service and some of its perks as well.

What is a puncture repair service?

puncture repair Sawston service is part of a car-repair procedure that repairs any damage or holes inside your tyre’s tube. This service is carried out at our garage by our experts. Precisely, your tyres are removed from the wheels, and then the tube is separated. Once this is done, our mechanics spray your tube with soapy water and look for any bubbles to identify the area of the puncture. Later, the area of damage is filled with tyre sealant, and further actions are performed.

Our puncture repair services are fast and reliable so that we can send you home with a smiling face and a healthy car. However, assuming that you love your vehicle, you must become aware of the reasons that lead your tyres to a puncture in the first place.

Reasons for a tyre puncture

Foreign substances on the road: While driving, it becomes quite challenging to look for any small and foreign substances like dust, dirt, or gravel present on the road. However, a lot of people drive over them. This causes the tyres to incur damages and holes that become a medium for the air to escape out. 

Tyre age: Older tyres, for instance, driven more than 50,000 miles, are more prone to damages and wearing as compared to regular tyres. Therefore, driving on worn-out or old tyres is a significant risk because even the slightest of particles will be able to puncture your tyre on the road.

These were some of the significant reasons that lead your tyre to damages and puncture. However, the dangers associated with driving on punctured tyres are even more hazardous.

Dangers of driving a car with a punctured or damaged tyre

  • A huge compromise to your safety as it can skid the car
  • Increased braking distances and unresponsive steering
  • Increased fuel-consumption as tyres put more stress on the engine
  • Prolonged damage can lead you to spend extra on tyre replacement

Nobody likes to get stuck in such situations. Why not look for an effective and reliable solution.

An effective and reliable solution

A reliable and trustworthy solution to all your tyre-related problems is not far-away. Just give us, Saw Moco, a chance to prove ourselves. We are known among our customers for fast and affordable puncture repair Sawston. Book your slot today by emailing to us at sawmocoltd@gmail.com. We are available from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 08:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

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