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A majority of car owners are dissatisfied with the efficiency and durability of their vehicles. Generally, this kind of scenario happens because of improper care and maintenance. However, in recent times, car mechanics have identified another factor that contributes to your vehicle’s inefficiency. The answer is the use of appropriate tyres for your car. Rather than cursing your car’s efficiency, you need to fit it with an adequate set of tyres.

We at, Saw Moco, host a fabulous collection of different types of tyres like winter, summer and all-season tyres. Furthermore, just for our customers, we also provide an efficient category of the tyres, i.e. performance tyres. If you are new to this concept and want to know further, be our guest.

What are performance tyres?

Performance tyres Sawston are a variant of tyres manufactured by the automotive industry. However, it is quite different from your regular car tyres as it is made up of unique rubber compounds, special tread design and premium-quality materials to facilitate a comfortable and precise driving experience for owners of sports, SUV and high-end cars.

We at, Saw Moco, invite you to try our best collection of performance tyres by premium manufacturers like Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli and Michelin. Our customers trust us for providing top-notch tyres at affordable rates.

If you want to know even further about performance tyres and some of its best model present at our garage, allow us to help you.

Some of the best performance tyres sold at our garage

Bridgestone Potenza S007

Potenza S007 is a sturdy and long-lasting tyre manufactured by Bridgestone. The tyre comes with ideal support for extreme performance in summers and dry road conditions. Also, it features run-flat support in specific sizes, so you never have to stop at a roadside for tyre replacement if a puncture occurs.

Nevertheless, the long list of advantages offered by Potenza S007 does not end here. Just look down below for more exciting perks and prepare to be amazed.

Advantages of buying Bridgestone Potenza S007

  • Exceptional response from the steering because of Bridgestone’s special groove pattern
  • Outstanding stability for high-speed performance in sports and SUV cars
  • Out of the world gripping performance, especially while cornering

Pirelli Scorpion AllTerrain Plus

As the name suggests, Scorpion AllTerrain Plus by Pirelli is an efficient tyre for providing optimum performance for all the terrains. Being an all-season tyre, customers choose this tyre for its unique features and excellent traction in winters and supreme stability in summers.

Exciting, isn’t it? You’d be delighted to know that the features of this tyre do not end here. Being a responsible owner, you should make a precise decision by studying some more features of Pirelli ScorpionAllTerrain Plus.

Exciting benefits of buying Pirelli ScorpionAllTerrain Plus

  • High-density sipes to enable comfortable driving on off-road and rough terrains
  • Increased traction for wet and slippery surfaces, all because of its irregular tread block with sharp edges
  • Robust and powerful shoulder block to prevent damages and decrease the risk of punctures

If you are confused about where to go for buying efficient performance tyres Sawston, give us Saw Moco a chance. Follow the steps mentioned below and get your favourite tyre delivered and fitted at your home.

Steps to order your desired performance tyre from our garage

  1. Enter your vehicle’s registration no. or tyre details on the top of our page.
  2. Select your favourite tyre and add it to the cart.
  3. Input your details like name, home address and mobile no.
  4. Complete the payment procedure.

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