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Is exploring the wild lengths of roads in a motorhome is something that you fancy? Then you certainly have realised the significant role of the tyres in keeping your adventure alive. Your motorhome will lose its precious mobility without its tyres. So, it goes without saying that you must utilise the best and most efficient motorhome tyres and never compromise on that part. 

But we know, finding a fine set of motorhome tyres Sawston is a tiring task especially when they are a rarity. You can’t find these tyres in just about any garage. Very specific garages are available for entertaining this particular requirement. But there is no reason to fret as we are here to serve you with the tyres you need. 

Curious to know who we are? We are Saw Moco, a prominent garage located in the United Kingdom. From our ever-expanding collection, we are sure you can find your preferred Motorhome tyres.

Now, we will like to introduce our well-selected compilation of motorhome tyres that would sit perfectly with your requirements


The first entry is from Pirelli and is undoubtedly a magnificent one. Carrier is the finest motorhome tyre that Pirelli has ever brewed. Carrier is specifically crafted to suit the needs of a motorhome. Its architecture allows it to offer excellent mileage, all thanks to its extremely low-rolling resistance. It offers impressive braking and gripping on both dry and wet surfaces. Its unique tread pattern allows for smooth driving experience on varied terrains. Also, Carrier is highly durable due to its robust compound and material. 

  • Durable design which promises extended tyre life
  • Offer unrivalled mileage all thanks to its low-rolling resistance
  • Provides excellent support on both dry and wet surfaces which extends to superior dry and wet braking

Duravis M700

We present you one of the best motorhome tyres manufactured by Bridgestone. Duravis M700 is an all-terrain tyre designed specifically for motorhomes. This one is noted for offering splendid mileage because of a considerably low-rolling resistance. Its architecture allows for superior traction on snow. Plus, Duravis M700 is capable of offering marvellous grip and braking during both wet and dry climatic conditions. It has a significantly longer wear life which is made possible because of its durable structure.

  • Exceptional all-terrain tyre capable of delivering splendid performance on any terrain
  • Provides significant mileage boost to the vehicle by offering low-rolling resistance
  • Has a substantial amount of durability which gives it an extended wear life


XPS RIB is a high-performing motorhome tyre from Michelin. Its unique compound enables the tread to run longer. The overall structure of XPS RIB boasts immense durability gifting it with extended tyre life. It delivers a smooth driving experience without compromising on its braking and gripping capabilities. 

  • Has a considerably longer life-span compared to other motorhome tyres
  • Delivers excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Provides an overall smooth driving experience

So, that was a glimpse of the motorhome tyre collection that we host, at Saw Moco. If this enticed you to buy an efficient set of motorhome tyres Sawston, then be sure to visit us. We would be delighted to fulfil your requirements.

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