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If your car’s engine efficiency begins to decline, it may not be necessary that the engine itself is dying. Its performance can be hampered when other parts such as the fuel injectors start to malfunction. The fuel injectors are responsible for carrying the fuel to the engine, which allows the latter to carry out its functions. In case the injectors are not carrying out their regular functions, you will notice a significant fall in the overall performance of your car’s engine.

However, simply swapping the old fuel injectors with new ones isn’t the most economical move, especially when you can get your fuel injectors reconditioned. Here, at Saw Moco, we host first-rate injector reconditioning services made possible because of our seasoned crew of automotive experts. 

But, we wouldn’t be rendering our services appropriately, if we don’t aptly explain to you our service model pertaining to Injector recondition Sawston.

What are the complications that can Surround the Fuel Injectors?

Broadly speaking, there are around 3 common problems that can ail your fuel injectors. They are explained as follows -

  • At times, dirt and other residue materials may cause blockage in the fuel injectors, which eventually restricts the smooth passage of fuel. This makes injectors inefficient in delivering the required amount of fuel to the engine
  • Another time when fuel injector may experience clogging is due to rusting.
  • The final issue arises when the fuel injectors aren’t opening or closing properly. If they don’t close properly, then it can cause a fuel leak while if they fail to open, the engine will stop receiving fuel.

How Fuel Injectors are Reconstructed at our garage?

At Saw Moco, we undertake a systematized procedure for reconstructing the fuel injectors. This procedure is divided into the following steps - 

  • The first step requires us to safely remove the fuel injectors from your car. Then they are cleaned thoroughly. 
  • The next step, we test if the coil present in the injectors is functional and hold the right amount of resistance. At this stage, we employ ultrasonic cleaning to efficiently clean the injectors and rid them off from any foreign particles.
  • After we are done with the cleaning, we inspect the spray pattern of the injectors to check if it is aptly vaporizing and spraying the fuel. 
  • After this, we evaluate the fuel-flow efficiency of every injector to affirm that every injector has the correct fuel flow rate. 
  • The final step requires us to make sure that the injector is free from any form of leakages. 
  • Once all the inspection and evaluation is done, we clean and repaint the injectors. After the paint has dried, we reassemble the injectors.

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