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Welcome To Sawmoco Ltd - Tyres Sawston

Saw Moco is known to be one of the best garages in Sawston. We cater to every car-related queries and issues of our customers. With an excellent team of proficient professionals, we can deliver best in class services and products to our customers.


At Saw Moco, we offer car tyres, 4x4 tyres, caravan tyres, cheap tyres, motorhome tyres, performance tyres, summer tyres, winter tyres, and van tyres Sawston. You can avail these at amazingly affordable prices and give your car one of the most vital performance boosters. We make sure to offer you products from the best brands to enhance the safety levels of your vehicle furthermore.

Diagnostics and Servicing

Our professionals are well-versed with the ABC of a car and promise to conduct a detailed inspection of your car. With our diagnostics service, we make sure to not only check your car’s working parts but also its safety aspects. We offer efficient car servicing as well. You can be sure to have the best performance levels of your car once we’ve taken care of it.


Evading the most crucial task as a vehicle owner in the UK is surely not the most fruitful job you do. Drive your car to Saw Moco, and we will prepare your vehicle before it goes for the MOT test. We are an authorised garage for the annual MOT test; hence, can conduct the test on your car as well. We promise to check all the aspects of your car and provide you with an authentic certificate for the test.


A battery is one of the key elements of a car’s working system. Without it, your car would not power-up, as the battery is responsible for providing the first spark to begin the combustion process. The battery is also the power source for all of the electronics of your car. From headlights and indicators to the music system and cabin lights, your battery takes care of it all. And Saw Moco is the best battery-caretaker in Sawston.

DPF Regeneration

The DPF is the cleaning component of your car’s exhaust system. It is responsible for cleaning the soot from exhaust gases before it is discharged into the surroundings. Bring your vehicle to us, and we’ll make sure that your DPF works just as it needs to.

DPF Regeneration

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping involves taking a reading from the standard ECU with compromised adjustments of various parameters. Then it is programmed all over again to give out the best results in your car.

ECU Remapping

Branded Tyres

To deliver excellence, we make sure to have the tools needed for it. Our collection of tyres includes products of elite manufacturers like Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental and Dunlop. Contact us to avail these elite tyres sawston at excellent deals.

Branded Tyres
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Why Choose Us?

  • Our top-most priority is our customer.
  • We provide tyres that are in the best shape and deliver the highest performance.
  • We have a high number of tyre-fitting vans, ready to serve you better.
  • Our experts provide you with genuine suggestions.
  • Our tyres and services are cheap and affordable.
  • Our stock consists of reputable tyre manufacturing brands.

We supply & fit tyres for all major vehicle manufacturers

Alfa Romeo Audi BMW Citroen Dodge Fiat Ford Honda Jaguar Kia Land Rover Mazda Mercedez Mitsubishi Peugeot Renault Skoda Subaru Toyota Vauxhall Volkswagon Volvo

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