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Getting your car cleaned is widely known to give your engine a new life. It involves the removal of gunge and sludge that gets accumulated in the tiniest of crevices in the engine over time. The sludge-gunge residue is formed when the engine oil starts to decompose and mixes with the piled up carbon. It reinvigorates your engine’s performance and makes it as good as new.

In engine cleaning, a deep cleaner is used for flushing the engine thoroughly. This brings out the waste material, gives your engine more power, less noise and reduced emissions. So it's not just the performance but also the environment this method tries to improve.

Saw Moco is the most reliable spot to get your desired engine cleaning service. We are one of the select few garages who can handle your engine with care. Numerous car owners have benefited from this procedure and we are delighted to bring it to you.


Vintage cars required the engine to be opened up after a few thousand miles so that the carbon contents can be removed. In modern times, we have overcome this need to ‘decoke’. However, ignition of petrol and diesel in contemporary engines creates soot of its own. There are filters and catalysts in place to reduce the soot released outside. But the amount that gets collected inside is still left unchecked.

This makes engine cleaning and carbon removal a requirement that you need to look after.

While diesel does not burn adequately, petrol engines may use GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) that sprays the fuel directly into the combustion chamber and can prevent complete burning. In both cases, there is a higher chance of carbon deposition. Moreover, the flue gases are redirected back to the combustion chamber that adds to this deposition.

Therefore, in order to continue a smooth passage of gases, a right motion of the machine parts and an efficient heating and cooling of the engine, you need to get your engine cleaned.


  1. The fuel economy is said to be increased by 25%
  2. The torque and power are increased substantially
  3. Engine cleaning effectively lowers the smoke emissions by 58% and Carbon Monoxide emissions by 69% on an average
  4. Improved engine performance and drivability that increases responsive power and prevents premature engine wear
  5. Once you remove debris, sludge and varnish from your engine, you can see a visibly cleaner oil. It also provides a smooth and quiet engine as well.


With so many benefits associated with a simple act of flushing your engine off carbon residues, you can attain amazing benefits. In order to make this process easier for you, we, Saw Moco brings you the latest techniques of engine cleaning Sawston you have been waiting for. 

Our team of experts is well-acquainted with the engine bay, geometry and procedures required in a given condition. 

You can visit us on weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and on Saturday between 8:00 am to 12:30 am. If you have any queries that need answers or any feedback you want to share with us, write to us at sawmocoltd@gmail.com. We’d be glad to assist you in your quest for a smooth, safe and more comfortable driving experience.

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