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In all the contemporary vehicle designs, the engine is controlled by an electronic system known as Engine Control Unit (ECU). It continuously registers and processes the information relayed by multiple sensors. Factors like torque value, ignition timing, the car's altitude, fuelling, boost, fuel quality, etc. are monitored and controlled by the ECU through these sensors. The ECU has various tables or ‘maps’ which allow it to keep track of the sensor information. These maps also allow the ECU to regulate the optimum level for every parameter.

But from a sales perspective, the fine-tuning may not be for the best output your car may generate. For Instance, the power of your engine can be mapped to abide by the Emission Laws. This makes the sale of your vehicle easier but may have some effect on the overall performance. That is where ECU Remapping comes in. Saw Moco has the best equipment and experts to offer amazing ECU Remapping Sawston.


During the manufacture of a new car, a manufacturer considers all the variables coming into action in all the regions the car is intended to be sold. These variables keep on changing with place and time and cannot be fine-tuned specifically.

This would mean that the most efficient output registered by the ECU may actually not deliver that when subjected to particular weather conditions, terrain, or even laws of a country. Therefore, the mapping of the ECU is done in a way that it gives optimum control under all conditions without varying with respect to place and time. This is a compromise that an ECU manufacturers (BOSCH, Siemens, Denso, etc.) have to make to maintain uniformity in its system across all the parameters.

ECU Remapping involves taking a reading from the standard ECU with compromised adjustments of various parameters. Then it is programmed all over again to give out the best results in your car. These parameters include fuel pressure, throttle pedal control, boost pressure, and ignition advance, etc.

This is a safe and secure process with all the parameters already defined in their optimum, maximum, and minimum values. It is the setting up of the electronic unit to control the engine as per the value that brings out the best performance without compromises. Every car, with its engine, has a different map, and we, at Saw Moco, are well versed with any ECU Remapping Sawston needs. This can include enhanced power, reduced fuel consumption, and many other features.


ECU remapping increases the range of power and the throttle reaction of your car, not to mention an increased individual power and torque statistics as well. Thus, your vehicle feels sporty, the power output is linear, and the engine has more range of performance.

Sometimes, the capabilities of an engine are refrained from reaching its true potential just that they can fit in a certain segment of vehicles. This is a sales strategy, but if you wish to get more out of your car, you should definitely get the remapping done. The additional power and torque are only going to delight you.

The extra torque also means less throttle required to generate the same output and speed; therefore, less fuel consumption.

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