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Cars have become a vital part of everyday lives. We cannot imagine travelling miles on foot. These machines go through rigorous procedures to deliver their owners with comfortable and safe driving experiences. However, during the journey, a car also needs your help as well. In order to drive your vehicle for years to come, you need to maintain and get it repaired on a routine basis.

The world of car-repair is full of different procedures. Still, a majority of owners are unaware of their car’s DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter. This filter is like a companion for your exhaust system as it traps soot (deep black and a flaky substance produced due to the burning of organic matter) inside it. Nevertheless, being a machine, the DPF has finite capacities, and it needs to be regenerated.

Our experts, at Saw Moco, give their best to clean and regenerate a DPF, so that the exhaust emissions never reach the hazardous levels. In case you want a more precise explanation, allow us to help.

What is DPF Regeneration?

DPF regeneration Sawston or diesel particulate filter regeneration is a car repair process designed for owners with diesel cars. The process generally involves cleaning the soot present in a car’s particulate filter and getting it ready for more soot. Generally, the process takes 10 minutes (approx). Our mechanics heat up the diesel filter and burns all the trapped soot. In case, the soot is more than expected; it is removed by a computerised process.

Being a responsible diesel-car owner, you must be aware of the reasons that lead your DPF to get blocked.

Reasons for DPF blockage

Irregular maintenance: Following an infrequent maintenance schedule is a significant reason for the DPF to get blocked. This is because a thorough maintenance schedule ensures proper functioning of the exhaust and looks after the DPF by means of digital applications. A car with an appropriate schedule of maintenance is guaranteed to support a healthyDPF for about 100,000 miles.

Oil and Fuel quality: Driving a car on low quantities and qualities of fuel and oil is another significant reason for the DPF to block itself. This is because low-quality oil and fuel contain re-additives that increases the stress on the DPF, in turn, making the exhaust produce more soot and increasing the burden on DPF.

Short journeys in urban cities: As you already know, diesel cars are not recommended for driving in metropolitan cities for short journeys. Frequent stoppages and short journeys lead the vehicle to burn extra fuel, and in turn, block the DPF.

Now a question might have arisen in your mind. Why is such a tiny filter so important? Allow us to help you understand the hazardous effects of not regenerating the DPF.

Dangers of driving a car with inappropriate DPF

  • Hazardous emissions by exhaust that is a contributing factor to respiratory diseases
  • Increased amount of pollution that damages the environment
  • A significant factor in making you fail the MOT test because of improper exhaust emission

Now that you know about the ‘ABC’ of DPF regeneration, you must find a reliable place that will carry out this procedure for you.

A reliable garage for DPF regeneration

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable auto-garage for DPF regeneration Sawston, give us, Saw Moco, a chance. Book your appointment today by emailing us at sawmocoltd@gmail.com. We are open from Monday to Saturday, between 08:30 am to 05:30 pm, and 08:00 am to 12:30 am on Saturdays.

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