Diesel Pump Reconditioning

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The fundamental requirement of any engine is fuel, in the absence of which it cannot function. So, it can be said that the functionality of the engine is dependent on the fuel pump. That pretty much explains the imperative nature of a fuel pump and it goes without saying that a malfunctioning pump can obstruct the overall mechanism of a car. So, it is wise to get your fuel pump reconditioned if it becomes a hindrance in working of your vehicle.

However, it is important to understand that petrol and diesel pumps function differently and thus are treated differently. Here, our main area of focus will be the diesel pump and how you can get it reconditioned. 

So, let’s get on with it -

What can cause a Diesel Pump to Malfunction?

There are a handful of reasons that can cause a decline in the performance of a diesel pump. Time to list out the causes -

  • Utilising unfiltered or dirty fuel adversely affects the diesel pump. An unpolished form of diesel leaves behind a lot of residues which eventually obstructs the fuel injection mechanism
  • A faulty fuel injector can also reduce the performance of the diesel pump.
  • Foreign particles like dirt, debris, can also damage the functioning of the diesel pump as they eventually block the functioning of fuel injectors. 

How We Can Help?

Simply replacing your under performing diesel pump is not the correct move, especially when you can get an efficient diesel pump reconditioning Sawston service at Saw Moco. We provide first-rate diesel reconditioning services, all thanks to our experienced cast of professional technicians. With us at the scene, you don’t have to fret over a malfunctioning diesel pump as we are here to recondition it to its former high-performing state. Wish to know how we do it? Well, allow us to explain the procedure -

  • Our first step involves meticulously inspecting every part of the diesel pump and the parts connected to it.
  • After inspection, we decide which parts require reparation and deliver required repairs.
  • Next up, comes the cleaning process. We employ ultrasonic cleaning mechanism to efficiently clean the diesel pump.
  • Finally, after repairing and cleaning process is done, we give one final inspection to the fuel pump to check for any missed out spots.

This was a brief overview of the elaborate procedure we undertake to efficiently and effectively recondition a diesel fuel pump. 

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