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Every motorist must have heard the term clutch pedal. We use the clutch pedal while shifting gears of our vehicle. When the clutch is damaged, it becomes extremely difficult to change the gears of the car. A faulty clutch also leads to broken gears and other transmission failures as well. We understand the importance of a clutch pedal. Hence, we, at Saw Moco, invites our motorists’ community to drive to us in case of any issue with the clutch. Our experts offer an extensive range of Clutch repair Sawston services.

What is a Clutch?

Every gear driven machine consists of a pressure plate known as the clutch. Clutch facilitates the disengagement of two shafts for a safe and smooth gear change. Spontaneous gear change at high speeds results in the damaged gear teeth and issues with the shafts. Clutch disengages the driveshaft from the driven one. The driven shaft is attached to a flywheel to maintain the momentum of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the gear is changed in the gearbox of the drive shaft. As a final step, the drive shaft is again made to engage with the driven shaft after a successful gear change.

What are the issues attached to a damaged Clutch?

Vibrations in the pedal

Unruly vibrations are never a good sign for any mechanical component. The same is the clutch pedal of a car. If the pedal starts to vibrate randomly, it is a clear indication of the worn-out flywheel or issues with the clutch lining. In any of the cases, make sure to drive your vehicle to us.

Hardening or softening of the pedal

The clutch pedal is connected to a hydraulic cylinder that amplifies the pressure applied before transferring it to the pressure plate. If there is any fault persisting in the release mechanism of the system, it will result in a hard pedal. Whereas, soft pedal is a result of considerable loss of hydraulic pressure. This loss can be incurred due to leakage in the whole system or corruption in the hydraulics.

Grinding noise

Grinding noise is heard when the disengagement mechanisms fail to perform correctly. If the driven shaft is not disengaged properly, it might grind on the teeth of the gears. Grinding of the shaft on the gear teeth will damage both the shaft and the gear as well. Therefore, it is recommended to get the clutch checked with us as soon as any unwanted grinding noise is heard.

Warning light

The clutch system is made up of numerous intricate parts. Though untraceable by human sense, any faulty component is easily detectable by the diagnosing system of a car. One must take the warning lights seriously.

In case you are facing similar issues as mentioned above, ensure to get it examined with our experts immediately. We, at Saw Moco, know how important it is for you to be safe on the roads. Therefore, we offer affordable clutch repair Sawston services. To know more, do contact us at It will be our pleasure to help you in your hour of need.

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