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Caravans are an excellent option for camping in nature. These trailers, motorhomes, and recreational vehicles do not usually encounter sudden braking and high speed, but still have to carry a great deal of load over a long distance. That is why it is recommended not to fit your caravans with car tyres.

Saw Moco has an excellent collection of caravan tyres Sawston that campers will surely take home. Enhanced with unique make and material, these tyres are made to give your caravan a smooth journey.

Some of the best caravan tyres that we have to offer are listed below.

Kenda KR33A 

The Kenda KR33A was designed to support light trucks and commercially used vehicles and is known to carry heavier loads.

  1. The tread design is optimised for better control, and the endurance compound of the tread offers minimal wear. Thus it shows superior performance and longer life.
  2. Perpetual shoulder ribs provide a more relaxed ride.
  3. The tread can be 205 mm wide or more. This width offers more area of contact and results in excellent traction.

Nexen Roadian CT8

Nexen Roadian CT8 ensures incredible durability and mileage of all vans and trailers.

  1. The block rigidity is increased by continuing the shoulder blocks into the rib type. The durability is enhanced with the help of square-shaped gaps between the blocks. This reduces stress and prevents material failure.
  2. The rigidity is maintained at optimal levels on the inner and outer sides. The centre groove includes a traverse groove that is given half the depth.
  3. The risk of aquaplaning is reduced through straight circumferential grooves that are more efficient at drainage than the zig-zag grooves.

Nankang Passion CW-20

One of the few tyres made for vans and transporters, the CW-20, shows wonderful performance and efficiency. The sturdy and robust build makes the experience just as smooth as driving a car.

  1. The noise is reduced thanks to the lateral grooves that interfere with the consonance of the air.
  2. Excellent wet condition performance is shown with the help of four straight circumferential grooves.
  3. These tyres offer secure long-distance driving with the enhancement of shoulder rigidity. These rigid shoulders prevent irregular wear. A soft tread makes the driving comfortable through the sipes at the bottom of the shoulder grooves.

We know you can’t wait to get these tyres for yourself and head out right now on a camping trip. So, we have made it easier for you.

Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on the ‘Tyre Finder’ at the top
  2. Enter registration details or tyre specifications
  3. Choose the tyre you love
  4. Choose a time slot for fitting
  5. Enter the mandatory details
  6. Proceed to check out

Saw Moco has been a proud retailer of the latest caravan tyres Sawston. We would love to get them for you. Visit our garage on weekdays between 08:30 am to 05:30 pm and on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 12:30 pm. Anything that makes you happy is a job well done by us. For anything that makes you unhappy, or for other queries, you can e-mail us at We’d be glad to hear from you and become better as we move forward.

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