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Car tyres are an essential element that ensures safety and comfort on the road. It provides the necessary road-contact that makes the motion of an automotive possible. However, that is not all; tyres also help in enhancing the various parameters that are attached to the overall performance of a vehicle. 

Our experts, at Saw Moco, recommend getting your damaged tyres replaced. This is because it is mandatory to maintain the required safety standards on the road. In case you have already made up your mind to replace the old tyres installed in your car, make sure to have a look at some of our best products. We have an outstanding collection of car tyres Sawston assorted from the best brands in the market. The rubber in contact decides the cornering and steering abilities of a car. It also offers the necessary traction needed to grip the road better. 

Based on the weather requirements, the tyres are classified into three major categories:

Summer tyres: In order to obtain ultra-high performance on dry roads, tyres are intentionally manufactured with hard rubber compounds. Along with the use of hard rubber, most of the summer tyres have slick tread to impart superb sports feel to a vehicle. 

Winter tyres: Exact opposite to summer variants, winter tyres are made with softer rubber. Soft rubber doesn’t stiffen up when the temperature plummets down 7 degrees Celsius. As a consequence, the tyres show better gripping abilities on snow-laden roads. Additionally, the tread of these tyres has deeper grooves with added smaller cuts known as sipes to effectively prevent aquaplaning. 

All-season tyres: All season tyres are a mid-way between summer and winter tyres. These tyres are manufactured from an all-weather compound to suffice, both, hot and cold weathers. All season tyres possess a hybrid tread capable of offering high summer performance as well as excellent traction in severe conditions.

We at, Saw Moco, are a known provider of all the categories of the tyre industry, manufactured by premium brands like Continental, Michelin and Bridgestone. Being a car-owner, you should always buy tyres after a thorough examination of the models and their advantages. That’s where we can help you. Have a look at some best car tyres Sawston offered at our garage.

Some of the leading tyres provided at our garage:

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

ContiPremiumContact 5 by Continental is a wonderful summer tyre that offers supreme stability and traction on wet and slippery surfaces as well. Moreover, Continental manufactures this tyre with an SSR or self-supporting rim (run-flat technology) to keep your car moving for 50 miles after a puncture occurs.

Nevertheless, that is not the end. If you decide to buy Continental ContiPremiumContact 5, you also get a variety of other benefits as well.

Amazing benefits of buying ContiPremiumContact 5

  • Optimum handling and short braking distances for cars, 4x4 and SUVs
  • Increased fuel efficiency, all thanks to its reduced rolling resistance
  • Improved safety and comfort for all driving conditions

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is a wonderful tyre for your passenger car. It comes with Michelin’s hydrophobic silica to evacuate water from grooves and prevent skidding. Although being a summer tyre, it never fails to provide sheer pleasure and comfort to drive even on wet roads.

If that’s not exciting enough for you, you must look at some more features offered by Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Exciting perks that come along Michelin Pilot Sport 4

  • Exceptional steering response and high-reactivity to commands
  • Unique sidewall construction to facilitate next-level comfort while driving
  • A fuel-efficient design as it puts less stress on the engine

Buying a tyre and getting it delivered at your home has never been easy. But not any more! Follow the steps mentioned below to get your tyre fitted at your home from our experts, at Saw Moco.

Steps to get your favourite tyre fitted at home

  1. Input your car’s license no. or desired tyre size into our tyre finder tool.
  2. Select your favourite tyre and add it to tyre basket.
  3. Input your personal information like name, contact, and address.
  4. Complete the payment formalities.

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