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It is needless to enumerate the importance of brakes in your vehicle. The primary objective of this system is to maintain control over a car on roads. Brakes can be used to lower the speed of a car when required or bring the vehicle to a halt. Therefore, it is safe to say that brakes are essential in maintaining safety on the road.

The braking system is made up of a brake disc and a brake pad. Any application of the force on the brake pads will press the pads against the disc. As the brake disc rotates with the tyre, the brake pads will, in turn, contribute to the overall stoppage of the car.

Saw Moco has gained experience in every service of brakes Sawston. If you think that the timing of your brakes is a bit off or applying them is not as effective as it used to, then you need to get a brake repair done.

What breaks our brakes?

When the pads are applied against the brake plates, the friction causes heat to be generated in the process. This heat can make them hard and brittle, leading to material loss. Subsequently, the brake pads cannot maintain a grip on the discs effectively.

Just like brake pads, your car’s brake discs can also suffer regular wear and damage over time. Therefore, the braking distance of the vehicle can increase and make driving dangerous.

Sometimes, driving on uneven terrain can hamper your braking. The rotors and discs in your car may get misaligned, which can cause decreased braking performance. Occasionally, muddy or gravel terrains create a chance for some debris to enter and obstruct the braking mechanism.

Nevertheless, ignoring a brake repair is hazardous; a lot of people resort to this activity by ignoring a brake repair and fall in the below-mentioned dangers.

A bad brake and the risks you take

An improper braking system causes the stopping time to increase. This is dangerous as you would least likely avoid the situation presented to you on the road.

  • It is one of the most crucial parameters on which your MOT Certification relies on.
  • It decreases the mileage of your vehicle. With increased fuel consumption and costs, improper brakes are unkind both to the environment and to your pocket.
  • The incomplete/ineffective contact between the brake pad and the plate causes a lot of noise.
  • Despite the best tyres, you may never get the performance that you are looking for.

The Solution

When a brake is generally repaired, it is no different from any other car service. The brake pads are replaced, and the brake plate treated and replaced if required. The drums are also flushed of the brake oil and refilled with a fresh batch. Thus, there is a certainty of an efficient performance by your car’s brakes.

We, at Saw Moco, offer the best remedies to all the issues with the brakes Sawston. Watch our skilful staff at work from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am, and 05:30 pm, and between 8 am and 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

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