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A car is comprised of different components that make it so unique. You can never drive a vehicle without a properly functioning clutch or gear system. Even the exhaust system and fuel gauge have their own significance. However, assuming you to be an intelligent owner, you cannot forget the powerhouse of your car’s electrical components, i.e., car batteries Sawston. Your vehicle’s battery performs a variety of operations like powering your car’s system and providing current to the engine and lights.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore the fact that your car’s battery is also a machine and requires frequent repairing and servicing to keep on functioning effectively.

We, at Saw Moco, train our team to provide your car with an adequate battery repair and service, so you never have to stop at the roadside or struggle with any kind of starting problems. But, first, you should understand our special battery repair service.

What is a battery repair service?

A battery repair service is a part of different repair and maintenance procedures that ensures the optimum functioning of your vehicle. This process is carried out by our expert team with determining and correcting the electric current present in your battery. We, at Saw Moco, use computerised systems and modern-day equipment to enhance your battery’s performance and tune it back to its best potential. Our battery repair procedure involves charging your battery and topping up the acid and water to its adequate levels.

In case, you are intrigued even further, you must make yourself aware of the reasons that cause your battery to degrade its capacities.

Reasons for battery degradation

Improper light usage

A lot of people forget to turn off their car’s lights such as cabin and headlight. This puts more stress on the battery as it needs to supply continuous current. This drains it extensively and leads to degradation as well.

Weather compatibility

The atmosphere has a significant effect on the car’s battery. Notably, in winters, you need to take great care of the battery and get it ready for the chilling temperatures. Failing to winterising the battery can lead to losing acid and current. This becomes a huge factor in reducing the battery’s life.

Irregular car usage

Not using your vehicle for a long time is another significant reason that leads the battery to lose its power. This happens because a car’s battery needs to be used on a frequent basis and warmed up with adequate current to keep on functioning effectively. In case you have two-vehicle, you must take out the alternative one for a short ride once in two days, if possible.

These were some major reasons that lead a battery to deplete its potential life. Nevertheless, that’ not it! Along with these reasons, you also need to bear some effects that your car is likely to face because of a poor battery.

Effects of driving a car with a poor battery

  • Starting problems in winters and wastage of fuel
  • Annoying stoppages in between the road and disrupt the traffic as well

A simple solution for battery-related issues:

Just give our garage, Saw Moco, a chance to demonstrate its abilities by providing you with a fast and affordable battery Sawston service procedure. If you are interested, email to us at Our operating hours are from Monday to Friday, between 08:30 am to 05:30 pm, and 08:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

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