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To obtain a comfortable ride on a hot summer day, air conditioning becomes essential. But, as it is one of the most neglected components in a vehicle, AC is bound to get damaged over time. Depending upon the negligence of the problem, the repair gets expensive with each passing day. Therefore, our experts, at Saw Moco, recommend the drivers’ community to get their AC INC regas Sawston done every once in a year.

Air conditioning plays a vital role while we are on a family trip. Sudden problems like delayed cooling can ruin the whole trip. Hence, it is suggested to eliminate the issues at their roots.

One can look for the following symptoms to check for a faulty AC:

Delayed Cooling

If the AC is taking too long to cool the compartment than usual, it is a clear indication of low refrigerant or a failing compressor. The compressor is a component of the AC that makes sure to maintain the cooling cycle of the refrigerant. Therefore, if the compressor is facing any problem or the refrigerant level is low, the direct effect will be a loss in the overall cooling of the vehicle.

Sometimes, delayed cooling also points to the leakage in the AC housing. Any leakage will result in the considerable loss of cool air. As a consequence, the compartment will take longer to cool down.

In case you are facing any such problem, get it checked with us today.

Loud Noise

Just like any other component of a car, any loud noise while switching the AC on, means a problem has already crept in. Unwanted noise from the AC is again caused due to compressor failures.

Foul smell

Believe it or not, a foul smell from the AC is not only bad for the AC but also the health of the passengers as well. A foul odour is due to the growth of algae and fungus in the AC system. Leaving the AC unused for long results in the moisture seeping in the system. The moisture further promotes the growth of algae and fungus. The consequence being the foul smell.

Decreased fuel economy

It is known by most of us that the AC directly takes power from the engine to run. Further, a damaged AC will derive more power from the engine. Therefore, any decrease in the fuel economy along with the above-mentioned issues is a clear sign of AC failures.

If you are having difficulty with the AC of your car as well, don’t forget to drive your vehicle to us, at Saw Moco. Our experts will deeply scrutinise the problems with your car’s AC. We provide affordable AC INC regas SawstonIf re-gassing is not what your AC needs, we will look further and get the problem resolved.

In the case you want to know more, get in touch with us at We are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on Monday-Friday and 8:00 amto 12:30 pm on Saturday. Our experts will be more than happy to help you.

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